Teen Group: Overcoming Conflict

Conflict featuring Doug Fields

Overcoming Stress in Your Relationships.

Why is everyone against me?

Friends gossip and betray. Parents are all about rules and lecturing. Teachers and coaches single out favorites. When life is unfair, even God seems to be a part of the conflict. Students can start to feel like everyone is out to get them.

In these four powerful sessions, students candidly share real-life stories about the conflict they experience in their lives. Doug Fields offers Biblical insight into the most common areas of conflict and teaches students how to reach peace and forgiveness in the relationships that mean the most to them.

Four video-driven sessions:

  1. Conflict with Family
  2. Conflict with Friends
  3. Conflict with Authority
  4. Conflict with God

Wednesdays from 5-7pm

Teen Center
(Downstairs Office Building)

The Invisibles: Sunday Morning Teen Series!

On Sunday, May 20th, @ Church from 9:00am-10:15am, we are beginning a new 2 week teaching series called “The Invisibles”.


We are surrounded by the invisibles. These are people who simply want to know someone cares, someone notices? people who want to know God cares. Some of us would even say we feel that way? invisible to an entire world, daily passing us by. Whether that feeling is a familiar one or not, the reality is that each one of us has felt invisible at one point or another. But we didn’t stay that way. God saw us. He sees the invisibles. And because God took notice of us, we are able to open our eyes to see those around us.

Session One: Can You See Me?
Bottom Line: At some point in your life, you were invisible? but Jesus saw you.

Session Two: In Focus
Bottom Line: Because we’ve been seen, we should now see the invisibles in our lives.

Teen Group: King David

King David featuring David Nasser

Trials, Temptations, and Triumphs

Warrior. Liar. Hero. Murderer. King.

Hollywood couldn’t write a more conflicted and compelling story about a boy who would become king. But this humble shepherd boy who became the greatest king of Israel also struggled with sin, authority, purity, and integrity.

In these four inspiring session, David Nasser looks at the trials, temptations, and triumphs that King David faced and shows how the truths found in David’s life are relevant to the real-life issues students encounter every day.

Four video-driven sessions:

  1. Overcoming Our Giants (20 minutes)
  2. When Life Isn’t Fair (19 minutes)
  3. Things You Never Thought You’d Do (18 minutes)
  4. One True Friend (17 minutes)

Wednesday’s from 5-7pm

Teen Center
(Downstairs Office Building)

Can You Hear Me?: Sunday Morning Teen Series


On Sunday, March 12th, @ Church from 8:45am-10:15am, we are beginning a new 2 week teaching series called “Can You Hear Me?”.


Here is an overview of what we’re talking about. Listed below the summary is a “parent cue” to help you dialog with your child about the session. The question is intended not just to be asked by you, but to be responded to by BOTH of you. Use this opportunity to find out what God is teaching your child, and allow your child to see what God is teaching you as well.

Series Overview

Doesn’t it seem like there should be more to prayer than just our typical “Help me, bless me, protect me, give to me” prayers? Prayer has to be more than just talking to God—because He knows our thoughts, right? It has to be more than just us making our requests known to God—because doesn’t He already know everything that’s going on in our lives? It’s like there’s some secret, some mystery we hope to unlock so we can “get through” to God. If we could just say the right words, maybe we can break the code and get a “yes” to all our requests. But what if prayer was something much bigger than that? What if prayer went beyond us getting what we wanted, and became about how to grow closer to God’s heart instead? What if prayer wasn’t just about changing our present situation, what if it was about changing us?

Session One (March 12th): 

Have you ever noticed how relationships seem to drift apart when we don’t get to spend time together? There’s just something significant that happens when we intentionally carve out time to connect with a friend or a family member. We get to hear what’s on their minds and hearts. We get to see the person beyond just what he or she can do for us, and see who he or she really is. That’s the heart of prayer—it’s our chance to connect with God in a way that goes beyond “Help me, bless me, protect, give to me.”

Session One Parent Cue: Do you have time every day or every week when you intentionally carve out time to spend with God? How do you guard that time? What are some challenges in keeping that time?  

Session Two (March 19th):

If we spend time with God intentionally, if we make time for Him, then what do we say to Him when we get alone with Him? What are the things we talk about? After all, He knows everything about us, our lives and our world. It’s not like we have any “news.” It’s not like we have to give Him an update on how things are going. So what do we talk about? In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus focuses on three things, and leads us through a process that will not only change our perspective about what is going on around us, but also our perception of God.

Session Two Parent Cue: How does spending time with God put things going on in my life into perspective? How can we do a better job of honoring this time and making it a priority?

Session Three (March 26th):

We can’t talk about prayer without addressing the obvious question—what happens when God doesn’t answer? Jesus has a surprising response to that—you keep asking. Because if something is that important to you, if something has captured your heart that strongly, then it’s something that you can’t let go. It’s something you can’t simply walk away from. So keep asking. And Jesus says that maybe, just maybe, God will honor your persistence.

Session Three Parent Cue: Is there anything on my heart, anything that I feel so strongly about, that I would keep asking God about . . . even if He doesn’t answer for a long time?

Teen Involvement 2012

Teen Involvement 2012

Take this time

to be used by God

by demonstrating

your God-given

gifts and abilities

Talent Categories:

1. Art

2. Craft

3. Photography

4. Preaching

5. Vocal Solo

 6. Vocal Group (small & large)

7. Instrumental

(keyboard, wind, strings)

8. Teaching

9. Extemporaneous Speech

10. Poetry

11. Drama

12. Praise Band

13. Multi-Media

———————-General Information———————


Date:                   Saturday March 24th 2012

Time:                  Registration 11:00AM

                              Judges Meeting 11:00AM

                              Judging 11:30AM

                              Awards Rally 3:00PM

Entry Fee:        $10.00 per entrant (T.I. ’12 shirt included)

For more information, or to sign up, please see Lori Watson. This is a great opportunity to share the talents with which God has blessed you!