Teen Group: King David

King David featuring David Nasser

Trials, Temptations, and Triumphs

Warrior. Liar. Hero. Murderer. King.

Hollywood couldn’t write a more conflicted and compelling story about a boy who would become king. But this humble shepherd boy who became the greatest king of Israel also struggled with sin, authority, purity, and integrity.

In these four inspiring session, David Nasser looks at the trials, temptations, and triumphs that King David faced and shows how the truths found in David’s life are relevant to the real-life issues students encounter every day.

Four video-driven sessions:

  1. Overcoming Our Giants (20 minutes)
  2. When Life Isn’t Fair (19 minutes)
  3. Things You Never Thought You’d Do (18 minutes)
  4. One True Friend (17 minutes)

Wednesday’s from 5-7pm

Teen Center
(Downstairs Office Building)


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