The Invisibles: Sunday Morning Teen Series!

On Sunday, May 20th, @ Church from 9:00am-10:15am, we are beginning a new 2 week teaching series called “The Invisibles”.


We are surrounded by the invisibles. These are people who simply want to know someone cares, someone notices? people who want to know God cares. Some of us would even say we feel that way? invisible to an entire world, daily passing us by. Whether that feeling is a familiar one or not, the reality is that each one of us has felt invisible at one point or another. But we didn’t stay that way. God saw us. He sees the invisibles. And because God took notice of us, we are able to open our eyes to see those around us.

Session One: Can You See Me?
Bottom Line: At some point in your life, you were invisible? but Jesus saw you.

Session Two: In Focus
Bottom Line: Because we’ve been seen, we should now see the invisibles in our lives.


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